Summit provides premium, independent retirement plan administration, recordkeeping, payroll processing and tax reporting services. We provide all services necessary for the design, implementation, and ongoing administration of qualified retirement plans of all types including but not limited to 401(k), Profit Sharing, Defined Benefit and Non-Qualified plans.

In addition to your retirement needs, Summit can offer you a payroll solution to meet your payroll needs. Our payroll solution will ensure that your payroll needs are met on time that you are compliant with current tax changes and all your returns are filed timely. Our payroll service includes electronic transfer of employees’ retirement deferral and employer match upon completion of your payroll processing. This allows you to simplify the administrative tasks associated with your payroll.


Summit is dedicated to providing high-touch service. We do that by providing you a dedicated point person who knows your plan and your business. That translates to phone calls answered and problems solved. 

Explore the ways we can help


Our independence is an appealing choice for both plan sponsors and advisors.

Payroll Services

Working with a single vendor for your retirement and payroll needs eliminates managing multiple relationships. 

Investment Advisory

We recognize the importance of tailoring retirement plans to your specific goals. 

Plan Design

We recognize the importance of tailoring retirement plans to your specific goals. 

Administrative Services

Our Administration team has the knowledge to ensure your plan is compliant and designed to meet your goals.

Plans We Support

We offer virtually every type of benefit plan available.