Investment Advisory Services

Summit is pleased to support financial professionals who customize programs for our mutual clients. Providing access to the best-in-class funds for plan sponsors and their employees is just the beginning.

Summit will support you in your role as fiduciary and assist your eligible employees by providing:

  • Selection & Monitoring
  • Investment Platform
  • Models
  • Risk Based Allocation Funds
  • Target Date Investments
  • Auto Rebalancing

Selection & Monitoring

A detailed process that includes ongoing fund monitoring to ensure that the retirement plan is always up to date.

Monitoring reports by utilizing FI360, a leader in fiduciary education and investment analysis. Investments in the retirement plan are reviewed quarterly to ensure that they continue to meet the pre-established guidelines for the plan. The reviews of fund performance, comparison of peer groups, benchmarks and documenting the process are necessary elements of the fiduciary monitoring functions.

Investment Platform

All funds within our investment independent open architecture program are free from front or back-end fees or annuity/mortality charges. This allows financial professionals to customize a program that best meets the needs for your retirement plan clients and their employees. We provide access to a number of fund families, covering thousands of investment options that assure;

  • Access to virtually any mutual fund, share class and ETF
  • Self-directed brokerage accounts through TD Ameritrade or National Financial Services (NFS)
  • No proprietary funds or requirements
  • Qualified Default Investment Alternatives (QDIA)

Included in our investment platform is our Custom Asset Allocation Programs. These automated asset allocation program keeps retirement savings strategies in line with their changing needs. Investment selections can be tailored to an individual’s situation based on either risk tolerance or needs and goals. Specific options include:

  • Models/ Plan Level Portfolios
  • Risk based allocation funds
  • Target date investments
  • Auto rebalancing


A model portfolio is based on a mathematically constructed asset allocation approach. The portfolios have names such as Level I, II, III; or Conservative, Moderate, Moderately Aggressive. These portfolios are crafted by skilled investment advisors so that each model portfolio has the right mix of investments for its stated level of risk.

Risk Based Allocation Funds

One of the keys to long-term investing is defining your risk tolerance beforehand and building a portfolio that you are comfortable with. It’s called asset allocation, and once you have settled on it, you need not worry unless your allocation gets completely out of whack.

Target Date Investments

Target-date funds are often thought of as "set it and forget it" funds. For example, if you plan to retire in 20 years, you might buy a target-date fund that matches your time frame -- that is, a target of 20 years. As you approach your retirement date, the fund moves its allocation to more conservative mutual fund investments (holding bonds and cash) and away from riskier mutual fund investments (holding equities). As the theory goes, set the investment in the fund and forget it - let the fund do all the work.

Auto Rebalancing

Re-balancing a portfolio of investments (typically mutual funds) is simply the act of returning one's current investment allocations back to the original investment allocations. Therefore re-balancing will require buying and/or selling shares of some or all of your investments to bring the allocation percentages back into balance.