Custodial Services

Through our partnership with Mid Atlantic Trust Company and MG Trust (Matrix) we are able to provide renowned custodial services, allowing us to provide plan sponsors and advisors with exception service. To learn more about our custodians, please click on the link(s) below:

Mid Atlantic Trust Company
MG Trust (Matrix)

Other Partners we have aligned with

  • Relius Administration
  • Corbel Prototype Plan Document Services
  • Newkirk
  • MasteryPoint
  • TD Ameritrade
  • National Financial Services
  • Fi360
  • Fiduciary Benchmarks, Inc.
  • Plan Investment Plus (PIP)
  • Broadridge

Additional Retirement Resources


We understand the fiduciary burdens that are imposed on retirement plan providers and plan sponsors. Thus, we have developed and strategically partnered with various services offering you resources to ease those burdens.

Plan Investment Plus (PIP)

Plan sponsors have an obligation to review the funds offered by their plan on an annual basis. PIP enables advisors and plan fiduciaries to develop monitoring standards and criteria for plan investments. This will allow the advisors and plan sponsors to create and receive specific reporting on those investments.

Fiduciary Benchmarks, Inc.

The fee disclosure regulations imposed by the Department of Labor under ERISA, require that plan sponsors obtain fee disclosures for their plan and that all fees be “reasonable” for the services provided. Accordingly, we have partnered with Fiduciary Benchmarks, Inc. to provide you with that service. By utilizing the Fiduciary Benchmarks Reports you are able to document your process and reach well-informed decisions regarding your plan.

  • Clear documentation of an objective fiduciary process
  • Lower probability of litigation
  • An opportunity for reducing costs
  • Supports plan design and benefits by relating your plan to other similar plans
  • Value added proposition in showcasing the services provided and comparing like plans
  • Assistance in growth potential for investment advisors
  • And many more…

Below you will find various Support Material to use when setting up a plan for your business. If you do not see what you need below, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

New Plan Setup

Plan Information

  • What is a Fidelity Bond?
  • Is my plan covered by a Fidelity Bond?
  • Am I required to obtain a Fidelity Bond?
  • Who do I contact for a Fidelity Bond?

Ready to make a move?

Separation from Service Forms: The forms below are to initiate a distribution for separation of service as a result of employment termination, retirement or disability.

Specialty Distribution

Hardship, In-Service, and Loans: The forms below are to initiate a hardship distribution or an in-service distribution upon the request of the plan participant. Please note: not all plans allow for these types of distributions. If a plan does allow for a hardship, in-service distribution or loans there may be additional conditions that apply. Please contact us for a full list of conditions applicable to these distribution types.

Loans: Please contact us to initiate the loan process.