Why Summit?

When our founders established Summit Solutions, they did so with a specific purpose in mind—the proper administration of retirement plans.

As experts in the field, they knew enough about the intricacies of compliance and accuracy to know that even the very basic plan administration functions were not being met by many of the businesses already occupying the industry. From the beginning, Summit set out to build a business that would not only deliver the basics—but also exceed expectations.

In short, we’re here to help. It’s why we started the company and it’s why we’re still here.

We are proud to say we currently manage more than 600 retirement plans with over $400 million in assets. Our presence is national. And we’ve grown our business one satisfied client at a time.


But we’re more than that. We go beyond the numbers, for every client, every day.

We answer the phone when you call, we support you in growing your business. We’ll work with you where you need us—behind the scenes, in front of a new client, before an important presentation.  In fact, you’ll work with one person—a dedicated manager—who will answer your questions, work proactively to prevent problems and solve the ones that may occasionally arise.

The clients we serve describe us this way: knowledgeable, flexible, service-oriented.

Why work with Summit? Our goal is your success.